Take Accountability

accountabilityTo learn more about what we mean by take accountability...

  • Watch a man take accountability for a horrible crime. Most things we'd struggle accepting accountability for pale in comparison. 
  • A great example of taking it on the chin, and sticking to your guns...
  • Watch the Maple Leaf Foods apology
  • Read the Maple Leaf Foods action plan
  • Read Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address, a great example of the courage and commitment required to face great challenges.
  • Watch this video from Tiananmen Square.
  • Read Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s "we've lost our way" letter to all Starbucks partners.
  • Read Cadbury’s ultimate mea culpa on the salmonella recall.
  • Accountability (along with the truth) is critical in a crisis. Check out this scorecard of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's "management" of his crack crisis situation.
  • Watch these interesting clips of famous people not taking accountability, and in two cases accepting it. Kind of:
  1. Bill Clinton denies guilt
  2. Bill Clinton admits guilt 
  3. Lance Armstrong denies doping
  4. Lance Armstrong admits doping
  5. ICC finds Lance Armstrong guilty
  6. Conrad Black denies guilt
  7. BBC mocks Conrad Black - to his face
  • Tips on how to apologize. Bonus tip: DON'T do it again.
  • So you f#$@ed up. First own up to it, then get going with your recovery. Here are some helpful steps to consider.