Get What You Give

Untitled-4To learn more what we mean by get what you give...

  • Check out these ads from Chipotle Mexican Grill, a US company committed to serving customers "food with integrity;" if these commercials don't get you thinking about getting what you give (or at least choke you up), go read chapter 6 again!
  • A little sentimental, but the message in this short film is clearly get what you give
  • Read the Johnson & Johnson Credo
  • Mars Inc. refers to get what you give as “mutuality.” Watch this clip to see mutuality in action. Learn more about Mar's concept of mutuality here.
  • Check out Canon’s Sanji Three Spirits principle
  • Watch Fast Food Nation – here's the trailer
  • Sir Adrian Cadbury, former chairman of Cadbury Schweppes, wrote extensively about corporate responsibility, setting the benchmark for ethical companies long before it was sexy. His thinking is summarized in his treatise The Character of the Company, which isn't available online but can be found in the appendix of The Company ChairmanThe Character of the Company made its way into the values of Cadbury Schweppes, summarized as such: We recognize that the way we behave person to person, in the community and in relation to the environment, must be compatable with the values implicit in our products and brands. Our behaviour inside and outside the business will be characterized by integrity, open-mindedness, courtesy and a concern for the well-being of others. Read more by checking out these links:
  • Read what one business leader is doing to breathe life into a nearly dead city, and how he'll benefit from all the hard work and investment.
  • Yeah, he got what he gave...
  • Getting what he gives... in Detroit, of all places.
  • Which life would you prefer, Cadillac or Ford?