Be Honest

honestTo learn more about what we mean by be honest...

  • What's one little lie? Well, it's part of a journey to someplace we don't want to go... watch this.
  • Watch Jodie Foster’s Cecil B. DeMille Award speech from the 2013 Golden Globe Awards. If you can’t stomach watching it (it’s admittedly a bit awkward, but honesty sometimes is…), go here to read the transcript. This is a stunning example of honesty.
  • Listen to this. Wearing headphones. Very loud. This is honesty. Wait for it! Bless you Sarah Harmer.
  • Let's try to be a little LESS like everyone else.
  • Honesty ++ at Netflix. We couldn't have said it better ourselves, so we won't even try. Take 10 minutes to review these worthwhile slides. Then go watch their amazing series House of Cards to see how NOT to make An Honest Living. Entertaining, but evil!
  • Being honest can be hard.... like coming out of a closet. Watch this.
  • Interesting...
  • Honest liver, know thyself