Trust and be Trustworthy

trustTo learn more about what we mean by trust and be trustworthy...

  • Watch this short video from Jeremie Kubicek, author of Leadership is Dead.
  • Watch this 60 Minutes story on the alleged rigging of the US stock market. It's worth it to watch the whole thing, but listen to what Brad Katsuyama, a Canadian financial phenom who now runs IEX Group Inc. - an emerging stock exchange - has to say about stock trading and trust toward the end of the clip.
  • Watch this interview with Greg Smith, former Goldman Sachs vice president who famously resigned through an op ed in the New York Times, which is sadly no longer available online. If you want even more detail, you can check out his book Why I Quit Goldman Sachs. This is how you destroy trust with your colleagues and your customers.
  • What the research says about trust.
  • Watch former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard nail former opposition leader (and now Prime Minister!) Tony Abbott on his hypocrisy in this video that went viral in 2012.
  • Can you rebuild trust once it's broken? We think so, but it isn't easy. Some thoughts here.
  • Save money AND build trust... an idea.
  • Oooh, there's a link between trusting and being smart and being happy and living longer. Read more here.
  • Thoughts on cultivating trustworthy leaders in your organization.
  • Wonder what's happened to trust? These researchers have an idea or two...
  • The Bank of England's Governor Mark Carney (a good Canadian) notes: "Integrity cannot be bought or regulated." His thinking here.