Who We Are

who-we-are-melMelodie Barnett was a change leader and corporate communicator with Cadbury during one of the most transformational periods in the company’s history. Today, she’s the managing partner of Pivot,
a communication consultancy that helps drive cultural transformation in organizations committed to making the world a better place to work. When she’s not poking the corporate bear to make things more transparent, adult, and rewarding, she enjoys hiking and canoeing, and tolerates running. She lives in Toronto with her husband Steve and their very opinionated dog Abe. If you want to hear more from her, follow her on Twitter @pivotpoints.

who-we-are-luisaLuisa Girotto was the vice president of corporate affairs for Cadbury North America when she left in 2010, taking Norman Vincent Peale’s advice to “throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow.” Today, she’s delighted to be the public affairs director at Starbucks Canada. Luisa is passionate about people, brands and performance and creating environments where people can make a difference. When not working, Luisa loves playing basketball in the driveway, walking Schroeder (her cockapoo), doing deep stretching yoga, preparing great meals, and looks forward to Friday family movie nights.